Monday, March 30, 2015

What I've learned so far from marketing an indie game on social media.

Hi, me again (Eden).

It's only been a few weeks since the Pug Puncher marketing campaign launched, but I wanted to share my thoughts on that. I've had some experience with advertising, so this kind of thing is familiar.

Budget is not a concern, that's for sure; since, well, we don't have one really. So you have to be creative with social media. There are a lot of sites out there for this stuff, but you have to narrow it down to the ones you think will work best with your type of game. So far my two favourite social media sites have been Twitter and Blogger.

Twitter is really cool because you can interact with people, brands and companies all over the world pretty much instantly. It's nice to have a conversation, even if it's in 140 characters or less. The indie development community on Twitter is great; everyone is really friendly. So far, I've experienced no rude or insulting tweets from people, which is good. People can be mean. The thing that I learned most is to just be myself and not to be shy because you never know, someone could respond. This strategy has worked out well. It's nice to be nice. I always like to think that you should treat people the same way that you want to be treated, and it's no different whether it's online or in person.

Also, it's really fun to just talk to people. It gives me a break from my work, which sometimes can get monotonous.

Blogger has been really cool too. Probably because I love to write about pretty much anything. And it gives people a look into the game development process. It's really nice to basically link this blog up with other social media. It makes it feel like an integrated campaign, which is a good thing.

The biggest takeaway so far though has been to be a little loud; make a bit of noise. You might not believe this, but I'm actually a really shy person in real life. Usually, I have trouble introducing myself and chit-chatting and getting to know people. I just don't know what to say sometimes. It can be really hard. I tend to not like to draw attention to myself. But, for a marketing campaign to work, you must do exactly that.

I guess it's best to conquer your fears head on, which is what I'm doing. We're even going to be filming developer diary videos soon, which I'm actually super excited for. I can't believe how much fun I'm having.

That's probably enough about marketing for now. Hopefully I didn't go too far off topic either. I'll finish this up by saying that social media really does work for indie developers and it's been an awesome experience interacting with everyone so far.

Don't forget to follow @PugPuncher on Twitter. You can follow me too if like; I'm @GalacticGirlx2. We're also on Facebook and YouTube.

Until next time. Peace out.

- This post was written by Eden, one of the programmers on the Pug Puncher video game.

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