Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello World!

Just thought I would start off with a programming joke. Seemed appropriate.

Welcome to the official Pug Puncher Developer blog. This is going to be a place where we (the developers of Pug Puncher) write in-depth about our game. I'm just going to start out by saying hi to everyone, since this the first blog post and all.

First off, who is this writing this super engrossing post you might ask? Me, that's who. My name is Eden and I'm one of the programmers working on Pug Puncher. I love long walks on the beach... just kidding! I love games- both making them and playing them; that's why I'm doing what I'm doing right now. I've got some experience with physics and astronomy, advertising, and programming. I also have a bar-tending license. So, whenever people start going on and on about what degrees they have in higher education, I hit them with that awesome little tidbit and it puts everyone in their place. Sort of. Okay, enough about me. Don't worry though, I'm hoping to get everyone on the team to post on here; artists and programmers.

Okay, now a little about Pug Puncher. It's a 2.5D action platformer being developed in Unity 3D. You the player (AKA Pug Puncher) must fight your way through lots of evil super-intelligent pugs to bring JUSTICE to the ruined city now run by the pugs.

There's a ton of humor in-game, from crazy one-liners while fighting to laugh out loud dialogue in our comic book panel cut scenes.

Combat is going to be fun and will involve a lot of punching, and hopefully some other stuff too. We'll have to see how much time we have.

Enemies include the basic warrior pug, the ninja pug, the samurai pug and the jet-pack pug. That last one was my idea. I thought it would be a funny way to get the pugs up to fist level.

Okay, that's enough for now. This post is starting to get kind of long.

Before I go, don't forget to follow @PugPuncher on Twitter and check out our Facebook page. You can follow me too if you like. I'm @GalacticGirlx2.

Peace out.

- This post was written by Eden, one of the programmers working on the Pug Puncher video game.

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  1. Looking forward to read more about Pug Puncher development!